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Eurail pass The best way to discover Europe

For those who are interested in surfing the European travel with my own.  International travels or the city is easy and comfortable as possible. Getting here by train her. Transport of continental Europe. The development is quite significant. The only rail lines. Access to all major cities in the country.
 Just that ... The train still considered a high price for our visitors.  One way out .. For people who travel to multiple destinations in one trip is to use a Eurail pass ticket.

What is Eurial pass?
 The answer is similar to pay for train fare (not including car and boat in some way) and have unlimited time and distance specified on the ticket when you purchase.
What can I use to train?
 With National Rail trails by country are listed on the ticket.  If the card does not have a country such as card Eurail Global Pass is valid for travel to 22 countries: Austria (including ligtenstein), Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France (including Monaco),
Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.


History of The Chunnel train.

The Chunnel. Or the French call Le tunnel sous la Manche.
Tunnel under the sea is the longest in the world. Create links between Folkestone of England and Calais town in northern France. Both runways of the trains and cars that make the communication between England and France is very easy. Chunnel has a total length of 50.5 kilometers. With the 37.9 km long beneath the sea in the lowest 75 meters deep.
The Chunnel Construction and managed by Euro tunnel, they manages high-speed train Eurostar. Construction begins on 1988 to enable the Chunnel on May 6, 1994. Open Transport on 14 November 1994 (6 years for construction). Construction spending more than £ 4,650 billion in more expected 80%. Concept in the construction of the Chunnel Have been proposed since the 19th century.


KENT town starting point of Chunnel train

Be inspired by one of the most beautiful corners of Kent England. Stunning gardens, historic castles and stately homes, outdoor activities of all sorts, exciting retail centers and a wide selection of over 200 quality places to stay combine to make for enjoyable and relaxing holidays in Kent - and all within a short distance of central London, the Chunnel train connections to Europe and Gatwick and Heathrow airports.
Canterbury's corner of the county of Kent (the "Garden of England") is rich in charming villages and glorious countryside, which is easy to explore by car, bicycle or public transport. Take a leisurely stroll in the nearby coastal towns of Herne Bay with its splendid seafront gardens and Whit stable with its working harbor and colorful streets of fishermen's cottages.


Chunnel train VS ferry from London to Paris

Chunnel train VS ferry from London to Paris
If you want to travel from London to Paris, there are many way to go. Today you can found 2 way from London to Paris between chunnel train and ferry, which is better for your trips. You can travel by plane too, But it not in this group because it's to easy and simple of travel. If plane is in choice, It would be winner sure, However ferry or chunnel give you something did you cannot to find in air plane.

Chunnel train
Even among the Euro Star train from Paris to London via the English Channel (Chunnel Tunnel), it is usually the best way to travel between London and Paris, is definitely travel more easily and quickly (it only takes 2.5 hours). If you buy a ticket on the Euro Star, the first and second class options are offered. The price includes first class food and drink, but a first-class airplane seats a little free food is not worth the extra money for a relatively short distance.
High-speed chunnel train Euro star, so that all the way from London to Paris completely in a few hours. You will stay in the dark while chunnel train running in the Chunnel Tunnel, but somewhere beauty is waiting for you in destination.


Chunnel train ticket

The construction of the Channel Tunnel was a landmark in the history of rail traffic between Britain and France. Euro Tunnel is now an integral part of the Eurostar and Eurotunnel train route
Book your tickets for the Channel train
Channel Tunnel, as the Chunnel Tunnel, the underwater tunnel linking Folkestone, Kent, known in the vicinity of Dover and Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais, near Calais. Chunnel train Tickets can be purchased online if you want to travel from London to Paris. Channel Tunnel runs under the English Channel, the Strait of Dover is about 50 miles long and nearly two-thirds are below sea level and consists of three courses, about seven meters in diameter. One of the tunnels for Eurostar passenger train, one for Eurotunnel train and the third for Euro Tunnel train service. You can buy tickets for the Chunnel train for Euro Star(Euro Tunnel crossing as a passenger) or Euro Tunnel (Euro Tunnel crossing by car or motorcycle).


Chunnel Train, Euro star in Euro tunnel.

Chunnel train is a Euro star train ride through the euro tunnel.
Chunnel tunnel go under the Strait of English and the Strait  of Dover. Linking the city of Kent UK and Coquelles  of Franch dug by Eurotunnel company.
The tunnel for the train long 51.5 kilometer range that go under the sea long 39 kilometer long, was ranked second in the world after the Seikan Tunnel of Japan, but is a tunnel go under the sea at long last in the world.
The train ran on this Chunnel link it is the express train like TGV (train is the fastest in the world, France).Calling Eurostar runs at speeds of nearly 280 kilometer per hour. When on France When ran in the Chunnel in the UK will slow down many reasons, the rules of England.