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Chunnel Train, Euro star in Euro tunnel.

Chunnel train is a Euro star train ride through the euro tunnel.
Chunnel tunnel go under the Strait of English and the Strait  of Dover. Linking the city of Kent UK and Coquelles  of Franch dug by Eurotunnel company.
The tunnel for the train long 51.5 kilometer range that go under the sea long 39 kilometer long, was ranked second in the world after the Seikan Tunnel of Japan, but is a tunnel go under the sea at long last in the world.
The train ran on this Chunnel link it is the express train like TGV (train is the fastest in the world, France).Calling Eurostar runs at speeds of nearly 280 kilometer per hour. When on France When ran in the Chunnel in the UK will slow down many reasons, the rules of England.

Chunnel train for passengers and vehicles used by Open between Folkestone and Coquelles city by train will be available 24 hours a day.
Euro Tunnel provides train their own, which takes passengers with a car to travel between towns Folkestone and Coquelles addition, the euro tunnel will charge for its Transport Others, such as Eurostar, which travels through the path channel. Also known as Chunnel train.
Chunnel train provides for the transport 25 train for delivery cars coaches and trucks, including the driver and passengers. The train will run 24 hours a day with trains every three trains in an hour between 6.00 AM - 0.00 PM, and two trains per hour between midnight and 6 am, and from a commercial bus service came up. Passenger services are currently more than 177 million people, which is three times the population in France and England.


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