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The construction of the Channel Tunnel was a landmark in the history of rail traffic between Britain and France. Euro Tunnel is now an integral part of the Eurostar and Eurotunnel train route
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Channel Tunnel, as the Chunnel Tunnel, the underwater tunnel linking Folkestone, Kent, known in the vicinity of Dover and Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais, near Calais. Chunnel train Tickets can be purchased online if you want to travel from London to Paris. Channel Tunnel runs under the English Channel, the Strait of Dover is about 50 miles long and nearly two-thirds are below sea level and consists of three courses, about seven meters in diameter. One of the tunnels for Eurostar passenger train, one for Eurotunnel train and the third for Euro Tunnel train service. You can buy tickets for the Chunnel train for Euro Star(Euro Tunnel crossing as a passenger) or Euro Tunnel (Euro Tunnel crossing by car or motorcycle).

1. Euro Star access to St Pancras in London at the Gare du Nord in Paris in just 2 hours and 15 minutes. Chunnel train for passengers are operated by Eurostar from London to Paris and more.
2. Chunnel train to manage cars and motorcycles by EuroTunnel from Folkestone in Kent to Calais in northern France, and the journey takes about 35 minutes. There are many different of Chunnel train tictek.
You can use a train without the chunnel train’s office for a booking fee.Euro Star passenger trains in the Chunnel Tunnel operating at speeds above 300 km per hour. Make note of your booking chunnel train ticket, pay less if more advance booking, the child must be paid. Avoid traveling during peak hours and on holidays, because these days the tickets are in high demand and therefore expensive chunnel train ticket. How to plan your trip in advance and book in advance to get cheap chunnel train tickets.
However just take Chunnel train ticket if you are traveling for a passenger, or if you want take a car go with you and  to travel from London to Paris. Tickets for Euro Star start from £69  for return from London to Paris. There are three class, Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier. 
Chunnel train tickets  are of three types namely, Standard tickets, Overnight Fares, and Flexi plus Chunnel train Tickets. Standard ticket start of £49 for a single journey. But the price is only in high season if you book your tickets in advance. get on the other hand, if you stay in France for a night, so plan your Chunnel train tickets for £44. Flexiplus ticket Ticket allows you priority boarding and check-in lounge.
The Channel train  can also lead to six million tonnes of freight per year and makes loading and unloading of the company's land and water. Therefore, customers receive faster and more reliable transport services, and regardless of the time .

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