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Chunnel train VS ferry from London to Paris

Chunnel train VS ferry from London to Paris
If you want to travel from London to Paris, there are many way to go. Today you can found 2 way from London to Paris between chunnel train and ferry, which is better for your trips. You can travel by plane too, But it not in this group because it's to easy and simple of travel. If plane is in choice, It would be winner sure, However ferry or chunnel give you something did you cannot to find in air plane.

Chunnel train
Even among the Euro Star train from Paris to London via the English Channel (Chunnel Tunnel), it is usually the best way to travel between London and Paris, is definitely travel more easily and quickly (it only takes 2.5 hours). If you buy a ticket on the Euro Star, the first and second class options are offered. The price includes first class food and drink, but a first-class airplane seats a little free food is not worth the extra money for a relatively short distance.
High-speed chunnel train Euro star, so that all the way from London to Paris completely in a few hours. You will stay in the dark while chunnel train running in the Chunnel Tunnel, but somewhere beauty is waiting for you in destination.

Most people do not take the ferry from Britain and France, because they select chunnel train is more. If you have a lot of time, you can from London to Paris by train and ferry (tickets must be purchased separately). But the journey is much longer (about 09:00), so be sure you have enough time to travel . This option may be pay more than chunnel train, but in ferry you can found something excite and freshy than in the dark of chunnel tunnel. This option is good for someone who fear to travel in the dark of chunnel train.

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