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Eurail pass The best way to discover Europe

For those who are interested in surfing the European travel with my own.  International travels or the city is easy and comfortable as possible. Getting here by train her. Transport of continental Europe. The development is quite significant. The only rail lines. Access to all major cities in the country.
 Just that ... The train still considered a high price for our visitors.  One way out .. For people who travel to multiple destinations in one trip is to use a Eurail pass ticket.

What is Eurial pass?
 The answer is similar to pay for train fare (not including car and boat in some way) and have unlimited time and distance specified on the ticket when you purchase.
What can I use to train?
 With National Rail trails by country are listed on the ticket.  If the card does not have a country such as card Eurail Global Pass is valid for travel to 22 countries: Austria (including ligtenstein), Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France (including Monaco),
Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.
For a sleeper train and train some special trains. The High speed trains such as the TGV (France), AVE (Spain), Eurostar (Italia trains), it is always necessary to book in advance. The fee for booking (about 9-18 euros depending on the route), because the seats have a limited number of pass holders.

If a path is specified in addition to the Eurail pass, you can use to get discounting on tickets as specified in the manual.
Choose the type of pass. These are the main factors to consider.
 - Country: If not, then travel throughout Europe. Should plan a vacation in the country with a border can see from the map.
 - The amount of traveling: Eurail pass will have special offers such as a saver pass for traveling in pairs. Or in groups (2-5 people) with a single ticket to travel together. If under 26 years can be
purchased as a Youth pass.
 - Number of days:     If you go to Europe for 10 days. No need to buy a pass for ten days.
         o The first of the aircraft. You walk in city A.
         o Day 2 of the city A to city B.
         o Day 3 and 4 times in B.
         o Day 5 travel from city B to city C.
         o Day 6 traveling from town C to town D.
         o On 7 and 8 + in D city.
         o,Day 9 from the D to the E.
         o,Day 10 in E city and then returned to the city.
I can see that our train at 2, 5, 6, and 9 only. Where we are not traveling by train between countries or between cities that could walk in any city on foot or take the metro, it does not need to count.  That is, you buy a Eurail pass and 5 selected country in four days is sufficient.  (Tickets for the journey, not a Flexipass).  It saves a lot of money. However there are some cards that must be traveled as (consecutive days), such as the Eurail Global Pass, Swiss pass I should not have to buy the round trip.

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