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KENT town starting point of Chunnel train

Be inspired by one of the most beautiful corners of Kent England. Stunning gardens, historic castles and stately homes, outdoor activities of all sorts, exciting retail centers and a wide selection of over 200 quality places to stay combine to make for enjoyable and relaxing holidays in Kent - and all within a short distance of central London, the Chunnel train connections to Europe and Gatwick and Heathrow airports.
Canterbury's corner of the county of Kent (the "Garden of England") is rich in charming villages and glorious countryside, which is easy to explore by car, bicycle or public transport. Take a leisurely stroll in the nearby coastal towns of Herne Bay with its splendid seafront gardens and Whit stable with its working harbor and colorful streets of fishermen's cottages.

Kent have Canterbury is main city in the South East of England about 1 hour and half from London. Good weather this pretty well (better than England over the course) is a coastal city.
Canterbury City Center boasts lovely old two-story building with a beautiful boat trip. Then there is the Canterbury Cathedral which features a classified as a UNESCO World Heritage this place. A long historical period from the year 500, have a store as many of Mr. Mark and Mr. Spain's so silly.
Port Ramsgate and Margate to Dover with a passenger transport service from Britain to Calais in France, which is about 100 pounds, but more convenient than a trip to France The very air is all that I hoped. If I knew before that. Offers this I will not air ticket to France. But the boat instead there is also this area has the English Chunnel train passed under the English Channel. Connections with Europe.
White Cliff of Dover has Dover and nerves with good name, it is the white cliffs of white rock it naturally in the past because of its advantages location. Has been used as a combat commander. There are also nervous. Caves and tunnels that collect weapons. To fight the enemy from the past, but now they are prepared by the Trails attraction to parents, siblings, etc. for a walk together. As well as a ladder to climb the white cliffs of this. To touch the sea And rounded black stones o the ground.

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